Learn About Me

Hello, my name is Dhiya Ulhaq Zulha Alamsyah, I was born in Yogyakarta on April 18, 1997

I'm Self-motivated to explore new technologies, applications and environments, curious and I love about what I'm doing.

I am currently studying at AMIKOM University Yogyakarta.

I am an Android Developer, I studied android app development since semester 1 by self taught and studying with android community friends. Until now I still learn and explore more deeply about android development

My Portofolio

1. QR Code Scanner and Generator (ANDROID)

QR Code Scanner and Generator is the best free app for scan qr code, barcode and generating your own text, URL, contact, email, etc. Equipped with a flashlight, so do not be afraid to scan in a dark room. You can also save images from a generator or scanner.

The idea of this app is to combine all the features of all qr code apps in the playstore

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2. Mubaonline (ANDROID)

Mubaonline is the first online local media in Musi Banyuasin district, and present aims to expand public knowledge of public information online via digital

The idea of this application is to create an android version of the Mubaonline website

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3. Wallet Manager (ANDROID)

Applications used to record income and financial expenses, can be used for financial management by separating income and expenditure event X with event Y

The idea of this application is to assist financial management of event organizers and financial boarding children

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4. Destission (ANDROID)

This app is created to help the public to find a tourist destination precise, accurate, and in accordance with their wishes. Taking into account the destination city, categories, as well as ratings from other users. And also this application can be used for share the tourist spots in unexplored areas so they can improve economy of the region.

The idea of this application is to help tourists in finding tourist destinations, and help the community economy around the sights because they can input their area as a tourist destination in this application

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5. Base Converter (ANDROID)

Base Converter is the best free app to convert text, decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal to each other

The idea of this app is to convert all base numbers

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6. I-Carving: Task and Todolist (ANDROID)

I-Carving is a simple app that helps you to manage your tasks or To Do List

The idea of this app is to take notes

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7. Macapat Jawa (ANDROID)

The "Macapat Jawa" application was created as an educational medium about macapat as an effort to preserve Macapat. Equipped with a collection of Macapat songs, and quiz games as interactive learning media.

The idea of this app is to preserve Macapat

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Hello, if there is anything you want to ask me, or just chatting and sharing knowledge about my skills or something new, just contact me. I will be happy to answer.






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